Recently I uninstalled NuGet from Visual Studio 2010 SP1 on Windows 7 SP1. After that I tried to reinstall it again and I started getting below error no matter what. I looked into the error log and I found that there is a System.IO.FileNotFoundException as below: Install Error : System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or […]

Here is the jqGrid documentation for addRowData method to add the record. Some variations of addRowData method are below. 1. Add row before specified row var grid = $(“#GridId”); // jqGrid instancevar newRowId = $.jgrid.randId(“new”); // rowId with custom prefix to random numbervar dataItem = {prop1: val1,prop2: val2…}; // Json object holding the data for […]

The problem: In one of my projects I upgraded jQuery 1.10.1 to 2.0.2 via NuGet. I started seeing some problems like “Object doesn’t support this property or method” in Internet Explorer 8. I couldn’t realize that jQuery upgrade could be the cause for it. The cause: But when I looked up on jQuery official documentation, […]

Writing JavaScript can be tedious without intellisense. Here is a trick to get intellisense for your own libraries in Visual Studio 2010. For example your functions, variables are residing in file jslib.js. You want to refer them in Script1.js. Write the below code in the first line of Script1.js. Alternatively you can drag and drop […]

The problem: Recently I had used FluentValidation in one of my MVC4 projects. I encountered an error while writing validation rules for one of the model properties. This is how the rule is written: RuleFor(p=> p.member).NotNull().NotEmpty(); So I got the error “Validation type names in unobtrusive client validation rules must be unique. The following validation […]

Introduction EchoSign is an online electronic signature service from Adobe. It enables users to sign the documents online electronically within few minutes. The power lies in the speed at which documents can be sent electronically over internet. It can support multiple signers and multiple documents. The technology is based on Adobe’s PDF file format. It […]

File does not exist exception: By observing this variable in watch window helped in locating the exact file in error. HttpContext.Current.Request.FilePath In my case a JavaScript based calendar control is causing issue where it is generating invalid image URLs and eventually throwing HttpException and obviously caught in Global.asax. This problem disappeared when Global.asax was removed […]